Bike Sense is the premier safety and operations manual for cycling in British Columbia.


It has been written and reviewed by professional cycling skills instructors, cycling advocacy organizations, bicycle trained police officers and provincial authorities responsible for making and interpreting our traffic laws. We hope Bikes Sense will help make our roads safer for all road-users.


Bikes Sense has demonstrated its popularity and service for over 16 years. In its 6th edition, over 100,000 copies have been distributed throughout BC. Content has been licensed to organizations across North America. The information has proven useful in educating people on safe cycling.


Bike Sense is now a key initiative of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition. It was first developed in 2000 by the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC). The Bike Sense manual and website were produced by volunteers. We thank the GVCC, volunteers, reviewers and funders for their years of great work in creating and advancing Bike Sense.

This manual has relied heavily upon excellent cycling information already published in North America. The BC Cycling Coalition thanks:

  • The Oregon Department of Transportation (Oregon Bicyclist's Manual)

  • The Toronto Cycling Committee (Cycling Skills)

  • Cycling British Columbia (Cycling BC 2000 Handbook)

  • The City of Calgary (Cycling Safety Handbook)

To ensure this continues and that Bike Sense is available for the next wave of people on bikes, the Bike Sense Review Workshop was held in October 2014 to help provide updated information on bike safety and plans for increased distribution opportunities. The Workshop was used to present and collaborate on current bicycle safety information and will be used to update the next edition of Bike Sense. This was a key opportunity to share knowledge of safe cycling from a legal, enforcement, research, and educational perspective. The Workshop was also used to assess and initiate support for a collaborative re-structuring of Bike Sense governance, administration and funding.

Bike Sense condenses and paraphrases language in the BC Motor Vehicle Act (RSBC 1996). It also provides safety advice not included in the law. This manual is not a proper legal authority to cite and should not be relied upon in a court of law. In the event of a difference between material included in Bike Sense and the BC Motor Vehicle Act, the Act shall apply.

The British Columbia Cycling Coalition, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia are not responsible for and accept no liability or responsibility of any kind for the information provided herein.

Our address to send contributions or postal requests for BikeSense manuals is:

British Columbia Cycling Coalition

City Square PO Box 47104

15 555 W 12th Ave

Vancouver, BC, Canada

V5Z 3X7

Editor: Sara Stallard

Design & Production: George Allen

Illustrations: Tom Sutton and Joan McIntosh

Production Assistant: Dale Hitchcox

Additional Development: Bo Martin, John Luton, Norma Allison, Patrick O'Connor, Susanna Grimes, Allan Dunlop and Ray Hall.

Funding for the print manual has been provided by:

Richard Buell Sutton   Capital Regional District

Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition TransLink

Cycling BC Orca Environmental Government of British Columbia Teldon Print Media